Astrology of Self Empowerment

As above so below
Monday, 22 December 2014 23:19

What's going to happen to me? When is it going to get better?

Most of the questions I receive when I introduce myself as an astrologer, can be arranged under these two ultimate questions. Wondering about future is natural of course but through these questions in my point of view we are undermining a more important point. 

Let's open it up a little bit and see how astrology could handle these questions. 

Monday, 22 December 2014 13:39

I tried to shed a light on why it is meaningless to try to forecast the future on an event basis in the first part of this series. 

The one and the most important difference of astrology from other means of "divination" is the acceptance of that future is not set on a stone and every individual is capable of creating and shaping a future through choices, approaches and being able to choose how to experience events.  As we come to accept things and be in harmony with the flow what we call good or bad experiences get more relative.  Of course this kind of maturity and understanding arises through difficulties, trying experiences, loss and time. 

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